A Sci-Fi corona theory of my own

Out of boredom I have put together some thoughts on my mind of a corona theory caused by something external such as solar activity.

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 · 3 min read

As a developer and someone who often spends his time trying to identify and solve problems, I use to passively gather information on a subject and then draw a conclusion in order to find a solution.


Sometimes I can be right while sometimes I might be totally wrong. This can be totally nonsense but at least it could be used for a Sunday low budget Sci-fi movie. Luckily I have no close friends or relatives that have died or had serious issues from Covid so I apologize in advance if my ignorant thoughts can upset anyone, as it is not the intention of the post.

So I guess like everyone else, on the "coronavirus situation" I've been thinking about all kind of stuff, from real virus threat to political control, new world order and all that nonsense.

But one of the theories that I think it could make some sense, keeping in mind that I have no medical/astronomy background or knowledge so this might sound very stupid is:

What if there's a solar system event affecting life on Earth, that governments won't admit in order to avoid chaos and so instead they "mask" it as a virus?

Lately I've seen some articles regarding solar activity and I guess they are made out of valid information:

And also wikipedia pages on the subject:

So the "crazy" theory is:

  • Solar activity hits Earth
  • Life on Earth is being affected by some kind of radiation or "magnetic.. thing"
  • Governments hide the truth from the public, so they can control how people respond and avoid total chaos
  • The events are happening randomly in time and they affect different areas of the planet in different ways (more, or less dangerously)
  • The places where more people died are areas with higher possibilities of being "hit"
  • Aircraft traffic has been reduced because a human being at higher altitude will of course be affected more, at least until they improve aircraft technology for better protection
  • Lockdowns (stay at home) could be again maybe to reduce direct sun exposure of the people
  • Mask wearing could be useless from a real point of view, but since they don't tell the truth, it's a good mechanism to support the "virus lie"
  • The pandemic excuse can be kept alive in order to be able to respond to random solar events and issue unpredictable lockdowns to protect the population
  • As for countries that don't have so severe restrictions (don't use mask, social distancing, no lockdowns, etc) maybe their area is naturally more protected against solar activity or, they have been already more exposed to it during generations and their bodies aren't at risk because they are adapted, example: Countries such as Norway, Finland
  • And so maybe also the virus, is caused by some kind of radiation that maybe even could be contagious, so then, we do have a pandemic but not from a biological virus cause

And also it's a bit "funny coincidence" that those solar events have the word "corona" in them, like the name of the virus.

Again this whole post might sound very stupid and I'm worse than ordinary mass media. :-D