A doggy story

The story of a few puppies that went on a trip..

Posted on Aug 23, 2021 · 17 min read

So, I'm going to try to write and share this story..

A few months ago I was telling someone about it and he was like:

Man, you should definitely write down this story!

So today I was checking old notes I've sent to myself and remembered about it.

It will probably not be as good as being there live to experience it, or, listening to me talking about it, and also my English is not that good but we'll see the end result! :-)

Let's get started.

It was november 2020, and as I have been doing for the past year, I was walking my dog on the hills behind the village.

Meet my dog:

My dog

This is "Lord", well, it's not technically my dog. It's my aunt's dog.. Actually, my dad brought him home few years ago, from the Carpathian mountains, and then my aunt took care of him as if he was her baby, and the motherfucker got so in love and protective with my aunt that after two years of walking him around the village he one day decided to jump on me and bite my arm, so we're not too good friends lately, but anyway, that's another story.

So I was walking him on the hills, yeah, the ones you see on this post's cover picture.

And as we were on a hill, close to the "little church house", I saw a car in the opposite side, that has stopped for a few seconds on the road. So I started to think, "damn, these lame villagers that dump their garbage from their car, out in the nature"..

Cause well, it was pretty common to go for a walk and run into "this situation":

My dog

Anyways, so we started to come down from the hill, and I was expecting to find a bit more garbage on the road that would confirm my intuition and I would have a reason to curse them fuckers.

But as we were getting closer to that spot on the road, I did notice a bag, but it wasn't garbage.. it was actually moving, and making strange noises.

So I started to open it, first the yellow bag, then the black one, and... surprise!

The puppies in the bag

Video here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/e3Y4gYHc8YAF48tq6

Well, tell me, what do you do now. :-(

I know the world is a fucked up place, and there's life, and there's death, and you can't seriously expect it to be perfect, but seriously, how do you walk away from this.

Anyway I'm not here to question that, so I'm going to continue with the story, that probably would have been different if someone else were in my shoes.

So I did the only thing that came to my mind in that moment. I took them home.

So I got home, in stealth mode, looking if anybody was around, and silently introduced the puppies into my bedroom, as I didn't wanted anybody else to know about it.

I just really didn't need to hear someone asking me what I was going to do with them, cause I hadn't even figured it out myself.

Anyways so I obviously grab my phone and start Googling.. "how to feed puppies".

I've run into some articles and learned they eat milk powder, you needed a small baby bottle, put in warm water with a spoon of milk powder and shake it, and feed each of them about 20 milligrams like 4-6 times a day.

So I went to the pet pharmacy in town and got all I needed.

Map of the trip

Luckily it seemed to be working, they were all eating, well, it was a bit of impossible mission at times to put the bottle into their mouth and have them eat properly but I started to learn all the tricks and get good at it, so feeding was going great.

But what I didn't realize was I was keeping them in my room, and I'm a person that needs silence in order to sleep properly, and they were making all kind of small cute noises, and a few hours after feeding them, they would start protesting and asking for some more milk.

So my nights and my sleep were doomed.

I think this was the closest I've got to experience having a baby.

Anyways, after two days of being a zombie, unable to sleep or work properly, I've finally shared "my secret" with the family, and here's a tip, in order to be able to rest properly, put the puppies in another room that way you'll get a few full hours of proper sleep.

Then set alarms every 4-5 hours to wake up, go check if they're okay, feed them, and get back to sleep. I think it was taking me about 40 minutes to feed all 4 of them, and it was a bit of a struggle..

Here's a video of the feeding process: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ezdChmBWRcUSQcdq8

You can see they turn into little monsters that would eat you alive haha.

Then 5 minutes after eating, they will go to sleep like little angels.

Puppies sleeping after feeding

So, I still had to find a solution, to think what I was going to do with them, because keeping them wasn't an option.

So I started to look for dogs adoption groups on Facebook, and since I was a bit desperate and wasn't sure I was going to find them a home, I got into a lot of random groups from all parts of Romania with tens of thousands of members. I shared the post with pictures of the puppies on all the groups in which I was, guaranteeing their delivery to whoever was committed to adopting.

And I was surprised of the fact that I got a positive response, at least a lot of people started asking me details, mostly their sex & size, sex was easy to find out but the size, I had no fucking idea. Most people wanted tiny to medium dogs.

Anyways I've kind of managed to put together a group of people that would adopt them all.

While doing this I have also ran into a crazy lady. Cause well, she said she would like one. But then changed her mind, and she was having a very weird energy, and in the end I've decided not to give her the puppy but give it someone else that was more sure, and she ended up screaming at me like "Please gimme the puppy, you promised me a puppy!!!". So yeah, a bit creepy.

So this was the list of people I was going to finally deliver the puppies:

  • Two in Slobozia, to a family with kids and so, that looked like a good place.
  • One in GalaČ›i to a girl that I wasn't sure she would be responsible and I was constantly asking her to confirm if she was sure she would be able to properly take care of the puppy.
  • One in Mihai Viteazu, Cluj to another girl, who yet again I wasn't really sure but she said her mom's dog just died and wanted her to have a new puppy, so she bugged me for days constantly until I've said I'll go.

One thing you notice from this is that there's a lot of people who want dogs, and sadly there are a lot of street dogs in Romania, and, that mostly women are adopting them.

So, it turned out into a bit of a long journey, but after all, I was the one who said "I'd deliver them anywhere"..

This was going to be my itinerary, over one thousand kilometers, that on Romanian roads, village from village, is not very doable in one day, so I knew I'll be away for a few days.

Map of the trip

Anyways so I knew I had to do this trip but I hesitated starting it before I wasn't sure it was going to be the right time for the puppies as they were probably one week or so old and so if they would group up a bit before giving them for adoption, it would be better.

So I had them for a full week or so, and in the meanwhile one of them, the big white boy, developed some kind of illness, and stopped eating properly.. and so I had to bring in a vet to check him up.

And just to make you smile for a moment, there's a vet from another village that has some sleeping disorder, he's a great guy always doing his best. But while doing his thing, he was suddenly falling to sleep, and you had to wake him up so he can continue. That's so crazy. :-D

Also another thing that was giving me a lot of work, was cleaning their liquid poop from their bed. It took me a day to realize they were doing it so often and they got wet all the time.

So this is how it looked like, and sometimes after feeding, it was also time to "change diapers".

Liquid poop

And occasionally depending how dirty it got, a shower would also be required to keep them clean, because they used to shit on top of their siblings. Now look at them getting comfortable after using the hair dryer.

Puppies sleeping after shower

One day before starting the trip.. the big puppy, even after taking the pills from the vet, he sadly, finally, died, as he wasn't eating, and got so silent until he couldn't go on.

I've read that it was a common disease for puppies and that there were very low chances of survival.. so instead of 4 now there were only 3 puppies. There was nothing else to do for him than a proper burial in the garden next to the oak trees.

White puppy burial


It's Sunday morning.. and I hadn't had a very good sleep I can't remember why, I've only slept like 5-6 hours or so, and for today I had two things in mind, one was to go for some litter activism on the village streets along with some other neighbors, and once we were done with that, I would leave on the puppy delivery trip, and head for my first destination.

Litter activism Priboiu

So it was already afternoon, and since it was almost winter, it was going to get dark soon. As the sun was setting, I was getting closer to Slobozia.

Car window fields

I've got there, in some random village following the GPS and after a few narrow unpaved roads I reached my destination. They welcomed me inside, as the woman and her little daughter were getting excited for the couple of puppies I had brought. Since it was almost feeding time, I prepared the milk and the two got fed just in front of their new family.

Then I've got back to the car, to the only puppy left, and continued my journey.

I was going to deliver another one in Galati, but then since I've insisted a lot into the responsibility required to take care of the puppy, the girl changed her mind and didn't want the puppy anymore.

I could return home and go from there to Mihai Viteazu the next day, but since I had already booked a room in Galati, I went to spend there the night.

It was another few hours of driving to get there, and it was dark, and I was quite tired because of not sleeping enough the past night and waking up early, so my spider senses weren't so sharp anymore.

And I've also got the "bad habit" of eating while driving, I mean, it's not such a bad habit as I can usually handle it perfectly, it even improves my focus and provides me with "fuel" to keep going.

This is me earlier that day, looking like an innocent hamster:

Eating while driving

Anyway, as I was driving through the dark road ahead, I got thirsty, and I had my cola bottle somewhere in front of the right seat. And as I bent down to grab the bottle, the hand I had on the steering wheel also followed me to the right.

Long story short, the car ends up on the margin of the street, about to enter the fields and I got scared and pulled to the left and spent a few meters doing zig zags all over the road. Lucky me the road was totally empty and there was no accident. And I had one of these moments of.. "OMG I'm alive, I'm stupid but I'm alive, thanks, God.".

Driving on the road

So realizing I'm so tired and so dumb, I continued my trip very carefully and finally got to Galati city. I had the address of the Hunter's Inn where I was going to spend the night, but stupid me didn't look at the name of the locality, only at the name of the street, but the street wasn't in Galati but in a smaller town a few kilometers away. Anyways I got to the center of Galati in some neighborhood among some buildings and I was thinking to myself... "Where the fuck is the Hunter's Inn?".

After realizing it was outside of the city, I finally got my address right and headed that way. Well, at least I got to see the city center at night, and also passed close to the Danube.


So after 20 more minutes or so I've kind of had the feeling I've found the Inn, but I wasn't sure and wasn't able to find the entrance so I've spent some more time going around some weird streets. Finally, I got out of the car and asked someone and to my surprise I was at the right place.

Talking about the place, it was all very traditional and this is how our room looked like:

Hanul Vanatorului Galati

A huge room for me and the only puppy left. I got her out of the cage, feed her, and put her to sleep, and myself too as I was wasted.

I also realized I started to get attached to this little soul, and that it was going to be the last day we'll spend together.

The next morning I was amazed by the Inn and the setup they got there, it had very nice decoration and looked like a cool place to spend some relaxing time.

Hanul Vanatorului Galati

But no time for me to spend relaxing, I still had to cross half the country and reach the other side to make my final delivery.

As I was leaving I had to get close to the city again and I was distracted by the landscape, seeing the huge steel mill in the background.

Galati steel mill

Overall I have spent very little time in Galati and didn't had the chance to actually visit the city, and I'm tempted to come back some time, also because there's the Danube river going around the city.

As I was crossing villages on my way to the next city Focsani, I saw this recycling bins on the streets of a village named Fundeni. I was surprised to see that such a small village managed to implement some way to deal with the plastic. Probably it was far from perfect, but man, they got a system in place, the people was using it! And it didn't even require very complex garbage bins, and it was all visible to the eye. Good job Fundeni mayor!


Anyways, on my way to Focsani I saw this old woman who needed a ride to the city so I stopped and took her in. We got into talking, she told me she was meeting her daughter in the city, to go to renew some passport or something like that. Anyways, I've dropped her at some hospital and continued with my trip.

Oh by the way, it was still Covid-19 pandemic, so while crossing Focsani I saw these guys but don't ask me what were they doing cause I have no fucking idea.


So from Focsani to Mihai Viteazu you have to cross a good part of the country and some mountain areas and I have got to visit places I had never knew before. It was nice, as I was getting closer to the mountains, the villages started to look very cozy and cleaner than those in my area.


In one of the villages, an old man needed a ride and I've picked him up. He told me he was going to Brasov to meet some relative and go to a job together for a few days. He also knew the area pretty good so in case the GPS signal got lost, he could give me indications.

As we got close to Brasov he also showed me on the window a huge lumber mill, and said "Look, these guys are cutting all the woods and turning them into furniture". I knew Romania had issues with lumber mafia but I didn't really
know any of the places that were actually buying and processing it.

Soon I started to see familiar places, as I had already been around Brasov before, so I dropped the man somewhere close to Brasov and continued my trip to the north, heading to the Cluj county, somewhere I've never been by car before.

There was a nice snow in the landscape, as I was getting away from Brasov, and I stopped at a gas station to have a burger. Then I've continued my trip staring at the hills as they were mixing with the snow and the sun into a magical sunset.

Brasov snow sunset

As I was getting close to Mihai Viteazu, the roads were slowly turning into highways, as the Cluj area has a bit more modern infrastructure than the rest of Romania, maybe cause they're closer to the border, closer to the rest of Europe.

Anyways I wasn't expecting this change and it somehow impressed me to see yet another different part of our country.

It was almost dark again, and I've got to my destination, where I had to deliver the last puppy in front of a Profi supermarket.

As I was waiting for this girl in the parking lot, she finally appears, puts the puppy in her backpack, says a "thanks" in a low tone, and vanishes away. I can totally understand her, she was like 1 meter tall, and maybe 12 years old. She probably freaked out but then again, I asked her like 20 times if she was sure she wanted me to bring her the puppy.

Anyways, my mission was completed, I could now get some decent rest! And again I had previously booked a room at a hostel, this time in the same town. So I went there, unpacked my stuff, and then decided to go find something to eat.

I go downstairs and find the receptionist, and kindly ask him to recommend me a place to eat. And he says.. "you should take the car, and go in the next village, close to this gas station, there's a very good restaurant".

Well, no time to waste, I get into the car and head to the restaurant. But to my surprise it was very closed. And as I was scratching my head thinking about a solution for my dinner, a girl approaches me and she goes like "It's closed. The restaurant it is closed now." And I'm like, "Oh, yeah, I saw that, thanks.". And she gets closer and says to me.. "Hey do you have a cigarette?" and I'm like "Sure, there you go.", and she says "Thanks", followed by "Well, since the restaurant is closed I was thinking maybe we can do something else." and I go like "Uhm, what? Well, uhm.. I was just hungry, I was just looking for something to eat".. and a little disappointed but smiling at the same time, she says "Oh, okay, see you then!" and goes back to the other side of the road.

I then jump into the car to return to the village where my hostel was, and stopped next to her, and gave her the rest of my cigarettes and said "Bye" again.

Then I stopped at a shop and bought some bread and something to make some sandwiches.

I went back to the hostel, and met the receptionist in the kitchen. He started to talk to me and invited me to drink a shot of home made liquor as I was finally eating my sandwiches.

Casa Abel

The next morning I go downstairs for a cup of tea. There was some meeting in the kitchen, some old men were having a talk so I got my tea and went to drink it in the living room. Then I said goodbye and started my final journey back home. I was still hundreds of kilometers away from home, and that was about half day driving.

Cluj highway

Luckily the county of Cluj is a part of Romania that has some highways so a part of my trip went smooth. Yeah, just a part of it, as I had soon went back to village roads.

Whatever it takes

But it was good as I would soon go through some nice places. I had a quick stop in Sighisoara and stopped for a walk to the old tower. Then continued to Poiana Brasov where I had a proper meal surrounded by mountains and the views. Then when I was about to leave I ran into these people having a photo session.

Poiana Brasov

As it was getting dark I was crossing the mountains back home.

Cota 1000 sunset

The next day, I went to the hills again to walk my dog. And found another garbage bag. Luckily this time it was just that, garbage, no puppy inside.


It was a cool & crazy trip at the same time. You can get a glimpse of Romania from the story. I'm not recommending you to do the dumb stuff that I end up doing, and always be careful when driving on long trips.

What I do recommend is to go out there and do something, and experience this world, its places and people.

Also it is good to stay in your comfort zone and do regular stuff with your friends and your family, but I think everybody should at least from time to time be themselves, on their own.

You should take decisions without other people's opinion. Maybe it's bad or good, you'll have to deal with the consequences, but it is your decision.

You should to go into the unknown and explore the world and watch how you react to it.

By the way, this is Max, his family told me his sister died.. But he's good! And he's very naughty!