The book I might write one day

Posted on Feb 12, 2021 · 3 min read

Some of you know that I use to read sometimes self help / motivational books and listen to motivational videos, and some of you might even joke about it. It's okay, we have to respect all opinions and everyone should believe whatever feels right for themselves.

So I've been thinking about writing some kind of book. Probably the format will be ebook, as I'm not thinking about paper right now, even if paper is more awesome.

Anyways, I would try to identify and share some life lessons that could be useful to someone else.

And write some messages, for different kind of people and situations, a lot of them will even be for myself.

One of the things I would write about would be growing out of one's comfort zone and dealing with failure and low self esteem.

I guess one of the main reasons for wanting to write about stuff like that is because on the surface a lot of us look happy. Some of us probably they're authentic and real about it, I can't say how glad I am for them. But on the other side some of us might not feel too good. We just watch everybody else either being happy or faking it very well, and we start thinking we're the only ones fucked up.

I, myself, might seem successful, confident and so on, but I'm not that much, at least not totally and not all the time. The me from 15 years ago didn't give too many fucks about a lot of things, I would say I was quite confident about myself and took risks without thinking too much about them, and even did shit I'm not proud of. Then I started to pay more attention to everything around me, and started to be more careful, and at the same time chosen to stay in my comfort zone regarding some situations and parts of my life.

Other stuff I would write about would be maybe some other tips and advice regarding the attitude to have when approaching different situations in life.

I also know that life is complex and we're all different but probably I'll try to narrow down some topics and categories of people and situations.

Also, as with every project I try to do, who knows if and when this will become a reality, I might not be writing any time soon. Or maybe I write separate posts and bring them together later into a book. And also who knows if it is going to be one book or maybe separate it into more than one with different topics and purposes.

Anyways, here's a list of stuff I'm thinking to write about:

  • Work and craft and how that affects your mood and self esteem
  • On jobs and opportunities on the Internet
  • On applying software, engineering and startup mindset to your initiatives
  • Awareness regarding things/causes around you that could benefit from your attention
  • Fear, avoiding facing life, staying in the comfort zone
  • Self esteem issues
  • Attitude toward parents and family and becoming autonomous, risks, deciding on your own
  • Self guilt from shit you did in the past
  • Moving over shit that has been done to you
  • Moving from being stuck into something you no longer want, job, relationship, whatever
  • Live your life outside your computer screen
  • Effects the current environment has on you, (place, people) and how changing it can change everything
  • The space one needs to grow and expand and express one self
  • Acknowledging that going from where you are to where you might want to be will have ugly surprises and that's part of life

Cover photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

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