Roller coaster mood

Posted on May 31, 2021 · 2 min read

If you ask me "How is it going?", I'll probably have to fake a smile and say "All good", even if I know deep down it is not totally like that.

And I can't give only one reason for the cause of my mood, but I think that's okay.

I mean, that's life, and I know it's a matter of attitude, as you can always choose to worry less and enjoy more.

But come on.. what do you expect if you're in the middle of..

  • Being currently a bit broke and having a hard time keeping up with work and money
  • Worrying about "personal stuff", family, relationships..
  • Having not much clue about what you are going to do with your future
  • And so on..

And yeah maybe sometimes you forget to focus on the good things, and just being grateful and taking it easy.

But how do you keep that balance when you do worry because you care, and you do want to try out new things out of your comfort zone.


So what are you holding on? Because in order to feel relatively good, either things have to be running "smooth", or you have to hold on and look forward to some future outcomes that will keep you excited to go through the "not so fun" days.

And sometimes you get so distracted you fucking forget about what made you excited yesterday, because things take time and your "dreams" begin fading away.

But then another crazy idea strikes you, and you at least hang on to it as fuel to keep you motivated for just another day.

And so my mood goes like a roller coaster.