Saramura music festival 2021

The idea of organizing a music festival on the hills from behind our village.

Posted on Nov 8, 2020 · 5 min read


I'm writing this article to get this idea out of my head.

When I'm put in a new environment, I look around and suddenly I see opportunities and start having lots of ideas about all kind of stuff that could be done in that place.

It doesn't mean the ideas are good or should be done. But there they are on my mind.

Creativity comes to us at unexpected times and we don't know where it comes from or why it hits us. I guess it is a natural result of being aware of what is going on around us, and then our brain starts to figure out cool outcomes.

It can be resolving a coding or maths problem, having a new business idea, getting excited about a relationship, creating some form of art, and so on.

We get invaded with the ideas and we start to feel excitement.

Some would even say its the voice of God, or the universe, something bigger than ourselves is manifesting through us. It is scary to think if that were true and after we die, we meet with our creator and asks us why didn't we act upon all the seeds that were planted in our mind for us to do during this lifetime.

Okay, in that previous paragraph I might have somehow quoted from Motivation Manifesto.

Anyways, okay, we get creative.. we get excited, but in order to make something happen and turn it into reality. It depends on our ability to find meaning in it and to start acting towards it with self belief and confidence.

And usually when we have an idea, we believe we're stupid, or we're afraid of the risk of being ridiculized by others if we do something about it. Until someone else believes it too and then you don't feel that stupid anymore. You think it actually could work and make sense.

I wanted to write more on the subject "from idea to reality", but I'll leave that for another post.

The music festival

Enough of philosophy and over thinking about the meaning of life, and let's get back to the point.

Why that name?

The name Saramura music festival 2021 comes from.. well, the salt lake we have on the hills of our village, and the music festival, well, it sounds cool doesn't it?

Wait. What about the 2021? Well, it is there for two reasons:

  1. So it would actually seem a real thing that is going to happen in the future (and trick some people into reading this post).
  2. Well, more of number one. We have the time and we could still try to organize a beta version in a couple of months, as we leave shitty 2020 behind and getting into 2021.

By the way. The name doesn't mean it has to be a huge festival with thousands of people. I mean, yeah, that would be cool. But let's be serious, we'd still have tons of fun even with only 30 people. What matters is to make it happen, and have authentic fun.

Also the fact that the name belongs to something local from my village, doesn't mean it has to be organized in that specific place. It could be done I guess in many other open spaces. But our village could be a starting point. Also because one of the motivations behind it would be local community engagement.

Original idea and Covid situation

The original idea was prior to Covid-19. I had just moved back to to Romania in October 2019 and when I went to the hills and seen that big open space, it looked like a great place to bring people together and have a nice time. Also the acoustics of the valley could be great, but not sure about that cause I'm no expert. The only music festival organized in nature that I have attended was BBK in PaĆ­s Vasco, Spain.

I really have no idea how other existing music festivals are planning to deal with the current Covid-19 situation that I'm sure will not magically disappear by 2021. But I'm sure if we organize something like this, we'll have to carefully design some proper safety measures and talk with local authorities about it.

But at the same time, Covid-19 is itself a motivation to organize it because currently all kind of clubs and festivals are closed or canceled and I'm sure we all agree that it would be cool to bring back some fun from our lives prior to the pandemic.

But how would it be? Well, picture this

I'm no expert in music festivals. I'm just the messenger. The real mechanics of how to make it work, we'll have to figure it out.

But imagine this valley:

The hills

Imagine we have a DJ and some nice music. (Already some people come to my mind for that role.) And yeah, currently we're not planning of inviting any famous artists or DJs, it would be more like a low cost do it yourself thing.

Imagine the valley is full of groups of people enjoying a nice time.

We'll have someone responsible for keeping the place clean.

We'll have another person responsible for safety in terms of Covid-19.

Not sure about drinks or food. It could be free for anybody to bring their own.

It could be different, without barbecues, garbage, disrespect for nature, and without manele and drunk people.

Okay. We could play some manele for fun, but you get the point. It could be different.


It would be a safe alternative now that the clubs are closed, so we could still enjoy some fun & music.

It would mean local community engagement. I mean, sure, outsiders are totally welcome to assist, but we want it do be a great activity to do as a local community to bring us people together.

It would have secondary purposes, such as promoting other initiatives, such as civic or educational activities.

Well, that's all folks

I'm sure I haven't been too good at explaining it but it's a starting point.

I'll say good bye with this YouTube music festival mix:

Proximity - Best EDM of 2010-2019 (Decade Mix)

Cover photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash