Sometimes you feel down

On going down a bit, mostly in times of uncertainty and then getting back up.

Posted on Oct 31, 2020 · 3 min read

Sometimes you feel down and don't really know why or what's the cause.

Mostly because there can be many things affecting your mood.

It can be physical, like health issues, not eating well, not resting, or feeling sick.

It can be mental, different kind of worries related to personal life, or your job, insecurities, changes you're going through that make you uncomfortable, and so on.

It can be the craziness of what's going on in the world around you, and how it affects you.

It can be emotional, feeling disconnected, or alone, lacking activities and social interaction and support.

It can be lack of future vision, not looking forward to anything anymore. The stuff on your mind made you forget about what makes you alive, what makes you happy, what dreams you had, you forgot about them.

And so it can be difficult to realize what's wrong with yourself, but you slowly go through it. You start to identify what things you'd need to change to feel better. You start to remember about the stuff you like and makes you feel enthusiastic about tomorrow. You reconnect with some people that only by talking make you forget and feel some excitement about just being here and enjoying life.

I guess some of us have happier personalities, while others are more emo and take more time to react and get back.

I guess it doesn't matter how you do it, or if it takes more or less time, while you end up finding yourself again.

I guess it's all part of life, like the seasons of a year.

Just go through the winter, and remember that spring is around the corner, even if you have to walk for a while in the snow and the cold.

And allow yourself some space to process whatever it is you're going through. Yeah, it's great to be productive every day, there are responsibilities to take care, but maybe you just need to go easy for a while.


I've always been a bit emotional, and a bit philosophical about life and sometimes I write about it. I have remembered today of this other short text I've posted 10 years ago on a blog where I used to write in Spanish, that is somehow related to what I've wrote today. Here is the text translated:

Remember that you'll always find yourself

From time to time you lose faith and self confidence and everything starts to lose meaning, you can feel confused and think that it is all going to go wrong..

Just think that these are phases of life that you need to learn to live with and that you'll always end up overcoming, somehow, reflecting upon what you desire, seeking more information on a subject that you don't understand, talking with a close friend that can provide you with a second point of view, or just doing any activity or task that will entertain you and bring you satisfaction.

Link to original post:


Some closing thoughts to take away would be:

It's okay do not be totally okay, it's part of life, but don't let it keep you down. Always get back up and meet life with an: I'm ready, bring it on.

Happy Halloween! ;-)