What's up with Alex (me) April 2020

Posted on Apr 16, 2020 · 4 min read

For those of you who might have been following my previous posts, you might have noticed a gap as I haven't posted anymore since January.

And yeah, this is me, I set a goal, as stupid as a monthly post, and I fail to achieve it.

But anyways, I guess life is constantly changing, the world and our minds and priorities too.

Who would have known we'd be now all locked in our houses, with this situation we're going through?

Lucky me I work remotely and there's still stuff to do, and also lucky I live in a village and I have a garden.

So back to the posting, I think I will stop the monthly posts, and try new formats and just write something when I feel like.

So, what have I been up to?

Well generally having a hard time trying to balance everything, as usual, and also procrastinating a lot.

So I can't expect to be my best self all the time and also maybe when you set yourself too many goals and you have too much on your plate, you end up doing none. I guess that's a good skill to develop.

I have been coding on a couple of projects for our clients at HeavyDots:

  • I have cursed a lot upgrading Expo SDK on a React Native APP and dealing with Push notifications, Apple certificates & shit, lucky us our client asked us for an annual maintenance contract (finger crossed so they'll accept it)
  • I have finally managed to work on one hairy task on the accounting software, one that I was posponing for months. It is curious how hard something seems until you actually spend enough hours on it to understand it and then it doesn't seem that difficult.
  • Also on the accounting project, I had setup a Visual Basic development environment on a Windows server, to be able to do maintenance tasks on some Crystal Reports.. I did curse a lot, again, damn dependencies and software versions, but it's alive now so I'm quite happy!
  • I've been learning about Google Jobs and structured data by implementing it on AviationJobs even so, I haven't been able to actually see it working on the search results

With my team, we've just launched an updated version of the company's website, with new services structure:

And yes, we're open for new projects if anyone is thinking about being business partners.

Product wise, I've been quite stuck, and left that area almost totally abandoned.

It is sad, but it is true.

But, I'm not saying I don't want to dedicate time to it, I just say that I didn't, because it felt too much, and I have preferred to focus on less things, such as, taking care of main business and client projects.

So on the portfolio Saas I haven't done any progress, just started to put everything together on a Canva presentation so it is going to be easier to continue the project every time I get back to it.

But even so, I'm excited!! To try to find time to work on both Portfolee and use it to organize our company portfolio of projects and on AllMyPicz and use it to share pictures of old memories with friends and family. :-)

On the 2020 vision program I've been missing a lot. It's been hard to keep up with both the exercises and the group, or, "tribe", as we call it.

I feel a bit bad about it but I know it happens to me a lot, that I'm not able to keep up, and I end up doing things at my own pace and on my own. I know that even if I'm behind, I'll still be able to take a lot of value from the program on the long term so I'm happy to do it.

Oh, yeah, I did wrote myself a letter from the future (3 years from now) as part of an exercise.

Other than that..

Stuck at home as everybody else, talking to people on video calls instead of meeting in person, enjoying the garden (sorry if you're stuck in an apartment).

Oh, and I also started to use my old camera, yeah, a regular camera, not a phone, to take pictures, as I love the macro effect.